e Moon."The far sideWi

ly June 2018, and then launch the Chang'e-4 lunar lander and rover to the Aitken Basin of the south pole region of the Moon about half a year later.The Von Karman Crater in the Aitken Basin was chosen as the landing site for Chang'e-4 as the region is believed to have great s

th its special environment

image 2

cientific research poten▓tial. As a gravitational equilibrium can be maintained▓ there, it will be able to stay

in stable ▓orbit and operate for a long time."We will make efforts to enable the relay sate

and comple▓x geologi

image 1

llite to work as long▓ as possible to serve other probes, including those▓ from other countries," said Ye Peijian, a leading Chinese aerospace expert and consul

tant to China's ▓lunar exploration program.The Lunar E▓xploration and Space Program Center of the Chin

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